€300 / per day

The Korčula archipelago consists of about twenty small islands that form a unique oasis of beauty.

€500 / per day

The only inhabited island in the Korčula archipelago is the island of Vrnik, known for its quarries.

€500 / per day

Rent a boat just for yourself and find your peace in the turquoise sea, beautiful islands and attractive beaches.

€750 / per day

Enjoy a day of swimming, diving and exploring the islands of the Korčula archipelago.

€750-1000 / per day

Explore the beautiful coves of the southern side of the island of Korčula (Defora), Cape Ražnjić and Lumbarda.

€300-1000 / per day

We offer short-term boat rental (1-8 hours) with a professional skipper.